Pune’s EKansh Trust to conduct contest in designing clothing for people with disabilities

Having run contests for students of architecture, Anita Iyer Narayan, founder and managing trustee, EKansh Trust has now announced in designing adaptive clothing for people with disabilities. On the concept, Anita shared, “We had run contests for students of architecture earlier. Design impacts our lives. Everything that is not natural is designed by us, and […]

Green, open public spaces will foster a healthy society

he Raahgiri initiative in Gurugram has been one positive example of claiming streets for people and activity.(Hindustan Times/HT File ) Over the past several months, this column has consistently exhorted people to enjoy the streets and public spaces in the city. I have spoken about improving walkability, public transport, markets and encouraging social interaction for […]

Working fewer hours lowers stress, raises productivity

Working fewer hours makes people more creative and productive, said psychiatrists and economists World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, where they asked industry leaders and employers to consider adopting four-day working weeks for optimal performance. “We have some good experiments showing that if you reduce work hours, people are able to focus their attention more […]

‘Morning persons’ at reduced risk of schizophrenia, depression

People who are genetically programmed to be early risers may have a better mental well-being, and are at lower risk of schizophrenia and depression, a study has found. The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, revealed some of the inner workings of the body clock, shedding new light on how it links to mental […]

CBSE Adopts TETRA Software For Level Playing Field In Exams

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been using digital technology to create as much of a level playing field as possible for students who feel unduly penalised by a disproportionately difficult question paper or a stray ambiguous question, a senior official said. The official said that the Board started using the Theory Evaluation […]

Nail health and care 101: Perfection at your fingertips

If you think monthly mani-pedi visits to the salon can reverse nail damage, then you’re only partly right.(iStock) Our hands, especially nails, take a beating as we go about our daily lives and chores, leaving the nails brittle, discoloured and unhealthy. If you think monthly mani-pedi visits to the salon can reverse the damage, then […]

Sewage ‘lake’ in Gurugram Sector 67 sparks health fears

Residents of Ansal Esencia and neighbouring residential societies in Gurugram’s Sector 67 are concerned about their health due to the presence of a large pond of untreated sewage around the approach road. Residents said the site is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and is a “health crisis waiting to strike”. The area around the site […]