Beauty tips, skin care, face mask

Taking care of your skin is usually fun but sometimes it is too much of an effort. But there are very simple beauty tips to follow on a lazy day for flawless skin. For instance, you don’t have to sit and apply face mask all over your face. To avoid all the mess and save your time and energy use sheet mask for perfect glowing skin. The sheet mask is very convenient and easy to use. You just have to put it on all over use face for about 10-15 minutes so that all the goodness of the sheet mask can easily be absorbed by your skin.

Make sure you use Aloe Vera or rose based sheet, it will give you the cooling effect and make your skin radiant. To maintain good skin in a simple way is to change your pillow 2-3 times in a week to avoid breakouts. By doing this we can get rid of uncalled pimples. Another way is to always keep your phone clean. We use mobile phones so much that we actually forget that the phone is the foremost thing that makes our skin prone to pimples and makes our skin dull. To avoid pimples, use sanitiser to clean the phone screen. You can use headphones to talk.

After talking about simple skincare tips, another best way to keep our skin glowing is to keep the skin pores clean. Therefore, always wipe away the makeup before sleep. But if you are lazy enough to do so, then remove your make up with Wet wipes or simply dampen the cotton with coconut oil to remove makeup. Coconut oil is considered good for your skin. Massage your face with the oil in a circular motion for better results. Also, make sure you keep the wet wipes or coconut oil next to your bed, so you have no excuses to not take off your make-up. Another beauty hack to save your time and energy is the use of dry shampoo. Dry shampoos help to add volume and texture in your hair as compared to other shampoos. Dry shampoos eliminate the oil from your hair that gives a greasy look to your hair in less time.

One of the universally accepted methods is to drink enough water. Drinking plenty of water will give you a natural glow.