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HYDERABAD: Although the petrichor and the looming clouds cheer us up after a harsh summer, the monsoons often do damage to our skin that we often do not realise. Our skin dries out and loses moisture in the humid atmosphere and oily moisturisers just don’t do the trick. Keeping the same in mind Green Trends came up with the Vita C Glow Facial which is meant to restore and rejuvinate our skin during the monsoons.

Based on the goodness of Citric Acid and the properties of Vitamin C, the facial leaves you with a refreshing glow. Using gentle ingredients including lemon to get rid of tan, the facial suits every skin type – even acne-prone skin!

Available at all Green Trends outlets, Vita C Glow Facial involves five steps: cleansing, exfoliating, massage, face pack and a peel-off mask.

After cleansing the face, with a mild cleanser, the beautician goes for the next step, scrubbing or exfoliation. The products used are mild such that they are suitable for every skin type. The mild scrub exfoliates the skin while peeling off the dry skin, white heads and blackheads. This is followed by a massage using a cucumber based serum which balances out the pH levels disturbed by the exfoliation. Post that, the beautician massages your skin with almond oil to bring back the moisture you might have lost due to citrus in the serum.

This facial involves a double face mask. The first one is meant to tighten pores and refresh the skin while the final orange peel mask is used to eliminate wrinkles and add a healthy glow to the skin.
The last step leaves your skin cool and tingling and makes your skin feel healthy and rejuvenated.
The facial was part of an experiential.

Venue: All Green Trends outlets
Cost: Rs 1700 +