Vegan way forward? Here’s how you can follow a diet that suits your body

Contrary to popular belief, veganism does not just finish at being a vegan through diet. It means discarding everything tangible made of animal products, right from leather and silk to fur. It is a dietary choice, that is definitely an extreme form of vegetarianism. People are taking to veganism for many reasons including weight loss […]

Pune diabetologists ask for scientific validation on ‘Dixit diet plan’

Leading diabetologists in the city have said that the ‘Dixit diet plan’ which claims to reverse diabetes needs scientific validation and should not be followed blindly. The diet plan conceived by Dr Jagannath Dixit has been growing in popularity. Dr Dixit has also been appointed as BJP’s brand ambassador for anti-obesity and diabetes reversal. Physicians […]

Keep the flu at bay with healthy foods like garlic, radish and more

There is no doubt that healthy eating habits are an inexpensive health insurance policy which boost immunity. While nutrition cannot eliminate the chances of contracting flu, it would certainly be helpful in strengthening our immune system and lessening the duration and severity of flu symptoms. Instead of turning to antibiotics, it’s always better to try […]